About Us

About Us

What do we offer?

It goes without saying that every individual should possess both technical and soft skills to become an ideal professional. WisFoc Solutions is your one stop solution for all personality development, soft skill and IT related courses focusing on school, college students and corporate professionals.

What makes us stand apart?

Students are often educated but not motivated enough to reach their goal. A goal without motivation is meaningless. As our academy name and logo indicates, the main objective of WisFoc Solutions academy is to motivate and build self confidence within every individual that drives them towards their own goals.


“Transforming individuals of any skill level into highly successful professionals and self-reliant leaders by seeding knowledge and activating their goals”


“WisFoc Solutions Learning believes in ‘Mentor-Motivate -Mould’ approach that builds confidence within an individual. WisFoc Solutions Learning experts are visionaries who have the tendency to transform any individual with their smart presenting methodology”

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